Available For Windows.
Reports : Item wise Sales Report, Item Group wise Sales Report, Kitchen Wise, Waiter Wise, Computer Wise, Operator Wise Monthly Sales Summary, Daily Sales Summary, Cash Sales Report. Credit Report

Transaction : KOT, Bill Generation, Sales Billing, Purchase detail, Store Inward, Kitchen Inward.

Voucher Pattern: KOT to Bill., Token Bill / Counter Bill.

Payment of Bills: Cash, Credit, Cheque, Credit Card and Debit Card. Complimentary Bill

Security: Complete User Account and his authority option.

Table Define: You can create multi-table and Rooms.

Fast Running Items: Display Button of your running items to make bill fast.
Multi Billing on single system: You can make more than 11 Bills at a time by click on Creat New Bill from Retail Billing Button.
Menu Item's Price are subject to your Table and Room Choice.
Waiter Information in KOT/Bill
Multi Kitchen Counter Billing for Fast Food and Sweet Corner
Bill printing Enable for 40/80 Columns at Wipro TX 40
Remote and Local Printing