Softhills Pos.

Increases profitability by improving billing speed and accuracy with barcodes,touch screen entry and schemes, provides complete financial and inventory management... 100% guaranteed.
A unique software for
* Retail Outlet * Garments Store * Footwear Shop * Food Court * Restaurant * SPA & Saloon
Customer Relationship: Increase Sale
The overall goals are to nurture and retain existing customer and constantly get new one, entice former customers back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing.

Your customers expect more from you. More Choice. More accuracy. More responsiveness. More real-time transactions. And of course a Loyalty Card which guarantees them more (extra) benefits.
Offer the loyalty card (magnetic, bar-coded or a smart card) to the customer. Award points when they buy and keep them coming back to your store. This guarantees increase in sale.


* Sales(Cash/Credit)   * Purchase   * Stock   * Inventory   * Financial Accounts   * Barcode Integration   * TAX Calculation   * Ledger Maintain   * Thermal Printer, Ledger Printer, Dot Matrix Printer Settings   * SMS Getaway


* Customer Database Maintenance
* Easy Capture of Customer Images
* Parent (Linked) Customer Definition
* Create different Groups (VIP, Regular) for easy identification

* Customer Specific Price List
* Convert any Customer to Debtor for Accounting Purpose or Group of Customers to a Single Account

* Set likes and dislikes of Customer to understand them better

* Customer Loyalty Programs using Barcoded, Magnetic and Smart Card

* Reward Points Administration
* Gift Issue and Maintenance
* Customer's Feedback, Suggestion and Complaints

* SMS and Email
* CRM Reports
* Birthday & Anniversary List
* Point Redemption Statement
* Monthly Statement
* Customer Barcode generation